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  • Grinders® Brazil Style

    Grinders® Brazil Style

    The Brazil style blend, popular among many cafes, has been a Grinders® cornerstone since 1962.
  • Grinders® Crema

    Grinders® Crema

    A smooth Arabica coffee blend is medium roasted to produce sweet floral notes and a pleasant lasting aftertaste.
  • Grinders® Organic

    Grinders® Organic

    Grinders® Organic blend is characterised by a bright acidity, rich sweetness and medium body.
  • Grinders® Decafe

    Grinders® Decafe

    Our chemical-free Swiss water decaffeinating process maintains all the distinct origin characteristics.
  • Grinders® Single Origin Yirgacheffe

    Grinders® Single Origin Yirgacheffe

    Flavours of juicy lemon and black tea. Well balanced , medium body and delicate notes of stone fruit , tea and floral...
  • Taboo Hot Chocolate

    Taboo Hot Chocolate

    Taboo chocolate is a premium chocolate powder. With cocoa coming from some of the finest cocoa regions in the world.
  • Grinders® Crema Capsules 52g

    Grinders® Crema Capsules 52g

    A rich smooth blend of Arabica beans, medium roasted to enhance the syrupy, citrus flavour and silky cream finish.
  • Grinders® Arabica Capsules 52g

    Grinders® Arabica Capsules 52g

    A sophisticated blend of Arabica beans with an intense body, bright acidity, and contrasting rich, floral chocolate n...
  • Grinders® Espresso Capsules 52g

    Grinders® Espresso Capsules 52g

    An exceptional blend of Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta. A Full bodied coffee with fruity, nutty notes and a lon...