Our History

Grinders® Coffee was established in 1962 in Lygon Street, the centre of Melbourne's famous Italian Quarter.

Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi founded Grinders® Coffee House discovering the secret to good coffee as well as the secret to success. Giancarlo and Rino wanted to bring the authentic taste of European coffee to Australia and the legend was born when they opened Grinders® Coffee House in Lygon Street, Carlton in 1962.

It was from this humble store that Giancarlo began developing his famous continental style coffee. After purchasing his famous large red grinder for just £1, Giancarlo started roasting, grinding and selling his own coffee beans from the back of his store.

The welcoming atmosphere of the shop, along with the delicious Italian coffee, drew a huge following among Australians, especially university students, and soon the wider community.

By 1969, Giancarlo was supplying coffee to cafés throughout Melbourne – the coffee revolution had begun and was spreading fast.

Grinders® Coffee continues to grow with an ever evolving coffee market roasting in state-of-the-art facilities nearby in Fairfield.

And now, thankfully, Giancarlo and Rino’s dream has been realised due to their hard work and persistence. They started from a very humble beginning. They borrowed money from a friend to buy a roaster, and through their passion and dedication helped to make Grinders® Coffee what is it today - one of the premier coffee companies in Australia.

Grinders® Coffee continues to strive to produce the highest-quality coffee blends for Australia's booming café and restaurant scene - and now for an increasingly astute domestic market.

Our wide and growing range of blends are increasingly recognised and sought after as our reputation strengthens in all major cities, coast to coast, cape to cape.

As well as roasting and supplying coffee blends to commercial and domestic customers from all walks of life, Grinders® Coffee also distributes and retails award-winning coffee equipment, providing ongoing technical support, training and regular service.

But ever-mindful of our roots, Grinders® Coffee continues to operate and roast at our original Lygon Street retail shop. To us, tradition is the cornerstone of an excellent coffee business.

–The perfect combination of skill & tradition in every cup

Our Mission

Grinders® Coffee, through our Master Roasters, is dedicated to sourcing, roasting and delivering the best single origin and blended coffees in Australia.

Our beans
Our high grade green coffee beans are carefully checked by our quality control team. On delivery to the Grinders® Coffee warehouse the beans are processed through cleaning equipment that removes any foreign objects, soil and dust. The coffee is cupped before and after roasting in order to continuously check the quality and consistency of the coffee.
Our roaster
The Grinders® production plant, based in Fairfield VIC, has two world class Italian designed and built Brambati roasters; a 120kg and a 300kg. The plant is fully automated and the roasters are PLC controlled which allows the master roaster to carefully monitor and replicate the best roasting profile of each green coffee origin.
Our process
The green coffee is single origin roasted to extract the best possible flavour from each origin. Once roasted the coffee rests in large silos for up to 48 hours. This allows the coffee to reach the optimum level of flavour balance before being blended. The blends are then passed through special cylinders that remove any chipped or broken beans.
Our products
Our packaging system is second to none and uses the latest technology to seal in the best flavours. The use of a three layer foil bag combined with a one way valve, that discharges the CO2 naturally released by the freshly roasted coffee, creates an optimum system that keeps the coffee preserved at its best.

Our Promise

Grinders® Coffee has certified Fairtrade Organic Coffee Blends that are sourced through the Fairtrade Coffee Certification Program from countries all round the world and also has Australian Organic Certification.

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Cafe & Retail Shop
277 Lygon St
Carlton, VIC 3053
T - 1300 476 377, 03 9347 7520 E - lygonretail@grinderscoffee.com.au
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Sat, 9am - 4pm
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Head Office & Roasting Facility
50 Sparks Ave
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Wholesale, Retail & Training Facility
204 Norton St
Leichhardt, NSW 2040
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Cafe, Wholesale & Retail
Office:12 Ipswich Road
Wolloongabba, QLD 4102

Cafe & Training Room:
11 Logan Rd,
Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
T - 1300 476 377 E - brisbane@grinderscoffee.com.au
Opening Hours: Office: Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm
Cafe: 7 days, 7am-4pm
Wholesale & Training Facility
19 - 21 Miles Rd
Kewdale, WA 6105
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Cafe, Wholesale & Training Facility
33 - 43 Port Rd
Thebarton, SA 5031
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Opening Hours: Mon - Fri, 7am - 12pm
Sat, closed
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